About us



KHODER BROS brand has a deep root in the textile industry as the history of this quality fabrics can be traced back when we started on the golden times of Aleppo.

Fueled with our commitment to share beautiful creations all over the world, the company engineered finest fabrics with style, innovation, and excellence.

As fashion demands uniqueness in every genre, providing one-of-a-kind fabrics has been long mission of KHODER BROS brand.

Living our purpose: YOUR SUCCESS OUR BUSINESS, our company is driven to share authenticity of designs as we believe that the fashion that stands at all times is individuality.

Hundreds of new designs were created in every season. Hence, each collection showcases creativity and relevance for the future trends of industry, as each also   offers various design selection with a wide range of patterns and styles.

Embroidery is the company’s specialty. Known for its opulence and beauty, Khoder Bros embroideries have been long striding runways and red carpets of famous events in fashion.

Our custom-made fabrics in bridal, haute couture and pret-a-porter outfits have been an inspiration to many designers eminent in the fashion world. Most of these bespoke fabrics speak timeless appeal as they continuously engage in exclusivity.

An exclusive range of original designs is ready to grace your own collection as we continue to widen our reach through this online shop. Indulge yourself and dive into the wonderful world of Khoder fabrics inspired by elegance and quality.