Luxury are the haute couture fabrics that manifest the crown of the fashion style. Couture’s grandiosity inspires Khoder Bros in its creation of this high fashion fabrics. Our mastery in this selection showcases not only with our handcrafted cloth but also designs that are engineered to perfection. Browse our wide selection of this special fabrics that was styled with elegance and innovation. You can always contact us for a custom-made haute couture fabric.

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ART 1769

Elegant flower patterned embroidered tulle with sequins. Tulle col deserto.
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ART 1760

Luxury sequined tulle embroidery. A mix of blue and pink sequins. Fancy gold embroidery.
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ART 1826

Flowered Tulle embroidery with 3D velvet flowers.
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ART 654

Sequined and beaded tulle embroidery. Tulle col. Granito.
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ART 1618

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ART 1742

Delicate flowers on embroidered tulle with sequins.
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